Los Tréboles is an EDUCATIONAL COMMUNITY made up of children, teenagers, their parents, teaching and non-teaching staff, volunteers and collaborators, the board of directors and the institutions that support it.

Our mission is to support children, teenagers and families from the Flor de Maroñas neighborhood who have received fewer opportunities, in an educational path that leads them to build a life full of possibilities.


From 1998, alumni, families and teachers of the Stella Maris school together with the Franciscan Sisters of the Incarnate Word, they began to work in the Cruz de Carrasco neighborhood, more specifically in the Villa del Chancho settlement. The conditions of the settlement were of extreme poverty with houses made of sheets and nylon bags on a huge pile of accumulated garbage that was an old waste dump of the Municipality of Montevideo (12 meters from the surface to the mainland), without any type of public services and with an absolutely inhuman health situation.

For the most part, the family groups of the settlement lived off the waste collection, with the organic waste they feed pigs and the recyclable they sell it.

Working with these families, it was found that several people and children had very high levels of lead in their blood. There it was concluded that the only possible solution was the transfer of the families of the settlement.

With this objective, several steps were taken before individuals and institutions. In a relatively short time, the donation of land in the Flor de Maroñas neighborhood by the former Cupra club, the Cultural and Technical Association and the generosity of a private individual is achieved.

Given that this endeavor implied a huge qualitative change in the lives of this group of families, it was necessary to approach this project in an integral way and not only as a housing construction.

In May, 2008 created a non-profit Civil Association called Patrick Kelly with the purpose of developing an Educational Center that finally opened the 3 of October of 2009 attending to children and adolescents from the 4 years to the 18 years, promoting the integral development and intervening on the conditioning factors that hinder or impede the development of them and their family.


With joy we live while we learn, we play and we help ourselves to improve.
Job we make it concrete when we do each thing well, every day, with a firm commitment.
Devotion is to give ourselves to others with love and generosity.


· Ensure the integral and harmonious development of children and teenagers: physical and spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional.
· Build an environment that is empowered with joy, friendship, common commitment and trust among children, teenagers and educators.
· Promote knowledge and culture, the development of intelligence and the learning capacity of each child and teenagers.
· Stimulate in the child and adolescent the knowledge of himself and the development of self-esteem and provide transcendental values ​​for the formation of his conscience.
· Involve families of children and teenagers in the educational process carried out in the Center.
· Evangelize, facing the totality of its educative action from an ethical and Christian perspective. Promotes faith and the experience of evangelical values.