Our Projects / What we do?

As of today Los Tréboles receives daily 120 children and 50 teenagers, and supports 70 neighborhood families.

The projects that we are currently carrying out are:

Children's Club - Agreement with INAU

Its objective is to contribute to integral education and the transformation of some of the factors of social vulnerability that affect the integral development of children and their families.

Target: Children in school stage from 4 to 11 years.

Activities: Health workshop, pool, cooking classes, movies and technology, tutoring, psycho-motor skills, communication workshop, fabrics, reading workshop, Friends of Guadalupe Virgin, snack, winter and summer camp.

Youth Center

System for Comprehensive Care that pursues the improvement in the quality of the lives of the teenagers, offering them tools and opportunities that help them during the process of their overall development and elaboration of life project.

Target: Teenagers between 12 and 18 years.

Activities: high school tutoring, values workshop, microbusinesses workshop, dance, fabrics, Science Club, assembly, pool, sports school, basketball, male and femal soccer, field hockey, rugby, alternative sports, make-up workshop, missionary youth, audiovisual production, Ceibal youth, English, lunch and snack, winter and summer camps.

Kid´s Pre Club (KPC)

KPC it´s a new program that daily serves preschool kids needs, which pursues to provide them with adopting habits, psycho-motor skills and basic education, essential for their future process of learning. Apart of the pedagogic intervention, it´s crucial to intervene over their growth constraints such as their family context (health, violence, identity abandonment, nutrition), hence this proyect addresses this reality with different type of interventions: in the institution, at home and in the community.

Opportunities Program

From this initiative children and adolescents of our project are offered scholarships for study, job training, cultural and artistic, sports and language in different institutions of Montevideo. The personal and family commitment is valued in the selection process.

Integral Development Space (IDS)

Children are offered a therapeutic space within the Institution to compensate for the difficulties in the learning of the recipients carried out by an interdisciplinary team consisting of psychomotricists, speech therapists, psycho-pedagogues, specialized teachers, psychologists and equine therapy.

Upcoming Challenges:

Community Center
Generate a space for orientation and promotion of the families of the Educational Center and the Community. These activities are animated by volunteers and / or professionals who give testimony of dedication and solidarity.

School of Trades
Provide technical training and job placement. It is intended for young people from the 18 years. We are currently carrying out a pilot bakery, cooking and catering experience.